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This week episodes : Notre-Dame, The Eiffel Tower, an old lady, Ivan Calberac's book and mathematics

This week episodes en un coup d'œil!

Bonjour à tous,

We just ended our 4th week after the end of lockdown.

On Monday, we went for a long walk in Paris. We went to see Notre-Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

On Tuesday, an episode from the past! In 2013, I was telling you about our neighbour, an old lady who had lost her sunglasses... or maybe she hadn't!

Nathalie Iris, the bookseller's friend of the podcast, told us about a nice little novel. It's about a young man who is going to Venice with his girlfriend (a piano player). Unfortunately for him, his whole family decides to go with them!

The last episode of this week is about mathematics. Micaela, Felicia and Lisa tell you about what they are studying in maths these days

Sinon, the atmosphere in our neighbourhood is almost normal. We can go back to the "parc" after school.  

Découvrez les 5 épisodes de cette semaine!

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