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Transcripts and notes

Enveloppe étoiles Éclatement

The transcript gives you the control

on your French learning needs

when you study French on your own.

How to use the transcript

The transcript is a very useful tool to enjoy many ways of working with the text. This way improve your listening skills.

— If you are not too confident, read the text and listen to the audio at the same time.Look up the words that you don’t understand. Then, let your brain work by itself for a few hours or days and listen to the audio again without the text..

— If you want to improve your comprehension gradually, then it might be a good idea to read the text first, and then listen to the audio without the text.

— If you want to see how much of the audio you understand or if your comprehension skills are pretty good, then try and enjoy the audio directly. Only read the text afterwards, to check a few points.

And after that?
It’s time to train your brain.

After, you could read the text aloud. And why not read it aloud several times? This way your brain can actually hear you speak French! You improve your pronunciation and, by speaking and hearing yourself at the same time, you also start to actually feel how the sentences are built. With this approach, next time you will listen to the audio files, the structure of the sentences will sound natural to you.

What else could you do?
— Mimicking
— Vocabulary lists
— Revise basic grammar rules : the podcast episodes contain direct applications of any basic grammar rules (A1--> B2)
— A powerful exercice to progress is to copy sentences : drawers and musicians work this way, the result is better than inventing sentences and inventing is taking the risk to get into bad habits.
— Build your own sentence book


The transcript with notes and photos

In the notes that come with the transcript, I give you some key explanations for a better understanding of the text when needed, I also share with you interesting links.

But what I like the most is to highlight 3 sentences, verbs or expressions that are very natural in French. Sometimes, you might not even notice them because they are easy to understand, but they are part of what make a sentence sounds true.  Of course, I give you some examples of how to use them.  I usually do this one or two times a week.

When it’s possible, I also share with some photos ! I know they complete the text and that you enjoy them. It also gives you the feeling of being transported to France.

The notes don’t always follow the same pattern, when something inspires me I like to focus on a particular sentence or the use of a tense.  


✨ The notes are not constructed like a lesson, it's different, but just as effective. They are notes, a way for me to draw your attention to something I find useful for your experience.


Examples of the transcript

1/ One Thing In A French Day TEXT ONLY :

2/ One Thing In A French Day TEXT&NOTES :

3/ Cultivate Your French SLOW FRENCH :

One Thing In A French Day and Cultivate Your French

are absolutely free to listen to since the beginning in 2006!


But, if you're ready to take your comprehension skills to the next level

by subscribing to the transcript, simply choose your payment option below.

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Subscribing to the transcript
Enveloppe étoiles Éclatement

One Thing In A French Day /Notes


3 episodes/week

Receive the transcript and notes into your inbox

3 times a week


One Thing In a French Day

TEXT ONLY - 3 episodes/week

Receive the transcript into your inbox 3 times a week

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Cultivate Your French


1 episode / week

Receive the transcript with notes and photos into your inbox every week.

Please, note this :

Subscription starts with the next episode.

Your email address is added to the subscribers' list as soon as PayPal (or Stripe) lets me know about your subscription.

I, Laetitia, personnaly send you a welcome email with the links to the  10 latest episodes!

The newsletter is sent by MailerLite newsletter service.

To unsubscribe, simply stop the payments on PayPal. 

I released 130/ 140 episodes per year in average since 2006. I usually release less episodes during holidays or if I'm sick 🙂.


Interviews are different episodes, there might be notes, but no "Tournures de phrases utiles". 


How to update your payment method or stop your subscription

To cancel automatic payments on PayPal, go to your account settings, select “financial information,” then click “manage automatic payments.” Find the active payments you want to stop and click “cancel.” You can also update your payment method for certain automatic payments.

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