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You love stories,

You love everyday life,

You love meeting people.

— Oui ?

This is what I share with you...

in French,

in both my podcasts!

One Thing In A French Day

& Cultivate Your French (slow French)

A bientôt,


CULTIVATE logo-144px.png

Cultivate Your French is

a slow French podcast.


One Thing In A French Day is

an all-in-French podcast

released 3 times a week since 2006.

One Thing In A French Day or Cultivate Your French are very useful tools to work on your French listening comprehension and to understand spoken French, but they have more positive effects !

Those two podcasts are different than podcasts focused on learning a language. They are not lessons, but their effects on your French might be as good as lessons !


Let me tell you why.

The podcast in itself is between the audio blog (because I tell you about my life as a French woman and my family life) and the cultural Interview podcast about France (because I meet French professionnals or friends that tell me about their passion or their work). I tell you about life in France.

Shortly, you will enjoy the episodes for what is being said, rather than just trying to understand the language.

When you learn French or need to keep up with your French, at one point, your first goal is to master listening, because listening is the key to the 3 other basics Language learning skills : speaking, reading and writing.
You need to seperate the words you hear from each other. With both my podcasts, this will happen naturally because you will get used
to the way I speak.

I have been listening to this podcast for four years. When I began listening, I didn't understand very much though I enjoyed hearing the french. I had to read the podcast in order to understand it. Four years later, I find that I understand most of the podcasts the first time I hear it. CLL73 , 01/20/2021

Once my French improves enough so that I could actually grasp a bit of what Laetitia was saying, I began to really love this podcast. I still try to listen twice without the transcript, then listen while reading the transcript to figure out all the words I’ve never seen/heard before (of which there as so many!), and finally listen again to try to hear and understand it all at normal French conversational speed. SO helpful! SlowReaderLiz , 02/25/2020

But will you be able to understand other French people ?
Yes, of course, because once your brain is used to the w
ay I speak, it will very easily adapt to other people way of speaking.
You will easily check this when there are other people speaking on the podcast.
This way, you will be able to start understanding and enjoying more media and have more nice conversations with teachers or friends.

It was my first trip to France since listening to your podcasts and I was delighted (and quite surprised myself) how more confident I was at speaking French. Charlotte, UK.

Transcript : sounds, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar
Of course, the transcript is a very useful tool because it allows to practice listening and reading at the same time. It’s a way to master the sounds of the French language because you follow along in the written version.

When you master the sounds, you get a better pronunciation, and when you get a better accent you boost your confidence !
With the transcript, you can repeat aloud a sentence, a paragraph, a conversation ! This is a great way to improve your pronunciation at your pace.

The transcript is also a tool that reinforces learning words and grammar. You integrate the right sentences order of Modern French. I also highlight for you some expressions that are very natural in French and that you could use in your own conversation.

This way, you can collect interesting expressions or sentences to build your best phrases book.

You will also find examples on how to use those expressions. I also like to focus on a particular sentence and point some particularities (sentence order, grammar, rythm, etc).

More about the transcript

Transport yourself to France
Last but not least, as you understand what is being said, you get the amazing sensation of being transported to France. The photos that you get with the transcript (Cultivate Your French and One Thing In A French Day with notes) will enhance this amazing feeling.

Alors, à très vite, chers auditeurs !

Laetitia ♡

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image7 copie.jpeg

Testimonials 😊

Mary (USA)

One Thing in a French Day is unfailingly informative, educational, and entertaining—and also warm and personal.  You generously share your observations and  experiences, including pertinent (and often amusing) stories about your friends and family. 


Each episode has taught me something new.  I have learned about daily life in France, French geography, food, the education system, what’s happening in Paris, and so much more.  I’ve learned new vocabulary, phrases, and usages, & I know how how to pronounce them correctly from listening to you.


There is warmth and humor in your podcasts, and I am sure that many of your listeners enjoy, as I do, “watching” your daughters grow up. 

Your newsletter is a great learning tool that adds tremendous value to your podcast.  Further, the reliable continuation of your podcast is remarkable. 


Some podcasts fizzle out after a season or two, but not yours.  You have continued year after year, with enthusiasm.

Sophia (UK)

One thing in a French day is a great podcast. It has really helped my FRENCH. It’s a fun and interesting way to learn new words and familiar phrases.

Charlotte (UK)

Dear Laetitia,
I wanted to write and thank you for helping improve my spoken French.

Three girlfriends and I are on the ferry back to the UK having spent 3 days cycling on the Cherbourg Peninsula.  We've had an amazing time and couldn’t believe how tranquil and beautiful the countryside is.  

It was my first trip to France since listening to your podcasts and I was delighted (and quite surprised myself) how more confident I was at speaking French.  I’ve never been one to keep quiet in France, having lived there in my early 20's and loving all things French, but it was quite a revelation!

Thank you so much, they are enormous fun to listen to and help to keep the french side of my brain in good working order!

Eleanor (Australia)

I derive great pleasure from listening to your slices of daily life. It is an enjoyable way of improving French language skills, in particular being able to “hear” and understand the spoken word of everyday communication. The available accompanying text certainly enhances the learning experience as well. The very varied subject matter maintains my interest and teaches much about aspects of French family life, culture & heritage, city and country. Un grand merci à vous!

Will (USA / Italy)

The French Day podcast is super cool.


It's like getting a slice of daily life in France delivered to your door. The episodes are short and manageable and Laetitia's anecdotes are always colorful and amusing.

I find that I end up learning French the way a small child does, by hearing it spoken and intuitively putting together the puzzle of verbs and vocabulary.


I highly recommend it!

Halle (UK)

I listen to the podcasts " One thing in a French Day" in order to keep up to date with spoken French. It is far more enjoyable than studying from a textbook and I find the 'Trois tournures de phrases utiles' super useful!

Deborah (New Zeland)

J’adore ce podcast, c’est un rayon de soleil dans ma journée qui me fait du bien. Quand j’ai commencé à l’écouter je ne pouvais pas comprendre même l’introduction mais maintenant je comprends presque tout. Merci beaucoup Laetitia!

I highly recommend it!

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