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One Thing in a French Day

Transport yourself to France

In this podcast I tell you about my everyday life here in Paris, but I also share with you nice encounters with friends or professionals (pâtissiers, booksellers, bakers, etc). 

The podcast is different than a podcast focused on learning the language, it’s an audio blog that can be located between your French textbook and France!

It’s also a very useful tool to work on your French listening comprehension and to understand spoken French.

♦︎ This is an "all-in-French" podcast! It's released 3 times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays). A typical podcast's length is 3 to 5 minutes.

♦︎ Use your ear

Use your ear to improve your language skills by listening to authentic French. Hear the rhythm of the spoken French in real context. My listeners tell me that it works so well for them!

♦︎ Short episodes

Short episodes will fit easily into even the busiest day.

An episode a day will help you maintain and build on your French language skills.

♦︎ Learn

Learn common everyday expressions and typical sentence structures. Expand your vocabulary.

♦︎ Stay connected to French when you cannot travel to France. 😊

♦︎ + 2300 episodes are available to listen for FREE on my Podbean website. Podbean hosts the podcasts.

♦︎ Ready for the next step? Discover more about the transcript !

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Where to listen to
One Thing In A French Day

One Thing In A French Day is available online :


It's also available on podcast app :

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Archives, audio files and eBooks
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You can buy archives files year by year on my shop.

130 to 140 audio files & text downlable all together!

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