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French audio without script - Euh, alors, du coup, voilà! - William Curley in Soho

Dernière mise à jour : 31 janv. 2020

One week before the Brexit, Adeline and I were in London to have an interview with tellement sympathique William Curley. The Scottish chocolatier pâtissier, awarded 4 times best chocolatier of the UK, has just opened a boutique in Soho, London.

Adeline and I recorded ourselves during that day : in the Eurostar, in the street after the interview, in a shop and as we were waiting in the Eurostar hall in London. All these little pieces of audio were not written in advance, so you could hear, the “Euh”, “Alors”, “Du coup” or “Voilà” that come to us naturally ;-)

Episode 1756 + Episode 1757

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