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Includes: a free transcript of episode 2360 - The positive effects of the transcript on your understanding of French

One Thing In A French Day or Cultivate Your French are very useful tools to work on your French listening comprehension and to understand spoken French, but they have more positive effects !

Those two podcasts are different than podcasts focused on learning a language. They are not lessons, but their effects on your French might be as good as lessons !


Let me tell you why.

When you learn French or need to keep up with your French, at one point, your first goal is to master listening, because listening is the key to the 3 other basics Language learning skills : speaking, reading and writing.You need to seperate the words you hear from each other.

With both my podcasts, this will happen naturally because you will get used to the way I speak.

Of course, the transcript is a very useful tool because it allows to practice listening and reading at the same time.

It’s a way to master the sounds of the French language because you follow along in the written version.

When you master the sounds, you get a better pronunciation, and when you get a better accent you boost your confidence !

With the transcript, you can repeat aloud a sentence, a paragraph, a conversation !

This is a great way to improve your pronunciation at your pace.

The transcript is also a tool that reinforces learning words and grammar. You integrate the right sentences order of Modern French. I also highlight for you some expressions that are very natural in French and that you could use in your own conversation.

This way, you can collect interesting expressions or sentences to build your best phrases book.

Sur le chemin du retour

Here is an example of the transcript received by subscribers. This is the transcript and notes for episode 2360, from April 26, 2024, entitled " Sur le chemin du retour " ("On the way home"). Bonne lecture ! Bonne écoute !


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